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Reviews from Clients  

Some of our clients have offered their comments about our services.  These comments are from both, owners and renters.

Anita from Louisiana:

When Marina Benz of Rental Locaters came into my life I not only acquired an awesome friend but a very detail oriented woman who knows how to run a successful business. I had lived in my home in Jocotopec for 5 years and because of family illness needed to relocate back to the U.S.A. for an undetermined period of time. I didn’t know how to get this accomplished and still make sure that the home I own would be looked after and rented. I had never had a need to hire a Rental Agent before so I was a little apprehensive when Marina and I meet at my home in Joco for the first time. Marina put my mind a ease and I knew at once that I had made the right choice. It felt like a load had been lifted off of my shoulders. She took on the responsibilities of my home and handled it with her professional and courteous demeanor. A business relationship is one thing, but Marina goes way beyond. I know I can always count on her. That means so much. I was able to go home and be with family. Marina is very professional and makes it easy for you to rent your property. I have complete trust in her and so happy to have met her.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Ronda and Jeff from Florida in 2012 said:

We have two houses listed with Marina at RENTAL LOCATERS. She found a tenant for one of our houses within a matter of weeks. We are certain that the other one will be rented very soon. Marina knows how to showcase a home's best selling points while making sure that it is well-suited for the tenant. And she has made our experience as landlords a pleasant one with her professional and courteous demeanor. Marina has handled all of the details and has worked with us and the tenants to make an arrangement that we can all live with. Marina is also our property manager. Since we still live in the States, it is sometimes a bit stressful not being able to take care of things ourselves. However, Marina has taken a keen interest in our houses and our wishes, making sure that everything is taken care of in a timely manner. It is a great comfort knowing that she is just a phone call or an email away. Sincerely,

Ronda and Jeff in 2015:

Marina Benz of Rental Locaters, has been our property manager in Ajijic, Mexico for the past three years. She has proven to be the most reliable and dedicated property manager that we could ever hope for. She is trustworthy and she cares about both the property owner and the tenants. She goes out of her way to do the right thing, even if she has to make sacrifices to her own well-being.

Marina is a compassionate person, and it is easy to see that she loves animals. She has four dogs of her own, and goes to great extremes to make sure that they are well cared for. She is very kind to our two Boston Terriers, and they love her. If you need someone to watch your pets or your home, you can count on Marina. She will not let you down. She is an amazing person and you can trust her with everything you own and everything you love.

Richard's comments:

For several years, my wife and I have found it necessary to acquire the services of a property manager/rental agent for our property in the Lakeside area. We have used a number of manager/agents in the past; however, more often than not, we were disappointed with the results. That all changed when we acquired the services of Marina Benz from RENTAL LOCATERS. Ms. Benz has proven to be a very competent and trustworthy property manager/rental agent, exhibiting efficiency and professionalism. Not only has she done the things that we expect from a property manager--she has been proactive in finding ways to reduce our costs. She has exhibited a willingness to make herself available when needed to check out problems and find satisfactory solutions. The financial statements that we receive from her, detailing monthly receipts and payments of expenses, are very professional and easy to understand. She is very responsive to our emails and telephone calls, and is a very pleasant person with whom to interact. It gives us great comfort to know that we have such an individual representing our property interests. I am very pleased to recommend Ms. Benz to anyone who is seeking a competent manager/agent for their property.

Frank from Canada:

My Wife and I rented from Marina for 5 months from Nov 2014 to Mar 2015. We did have a few problems with the rental unit, and Marina was on top of it immediately. We were very impressed with her. I would not hesitate to rent through her again.

Linda from California:

Marina has looked after my house for several years. I can travel in comfort knowing my property is in good hands. I trust her completely. Her service is valuable to me, I, would be lost without her. She is competent, and reliable. I highly recommend Marina.

Sandra from Canada:

Very professional with a personal touch, reliable, and responsible. She knows how to get a job done efficiently and quickly.

Sue and Iain from England:

Having been born in Guadalajara, Marina really knows her way around the city and local area but having lived in the USA for many years she also understands the problems many ex-pats face on arriving here in Paradise. Marina also has the unusual advantage in Mexico of being truly bi-lingual in Spanish and English, this of course means nothing gets lost in translation. She is a fund of local knowledge and in the unlikely event of her not knowing the answer to your question I know from personal experience that she would do all in her considerable power to find that answer.

Bob and Linda from the State of Washington:

Marina is the best! Every part of my move was the greatest ever in every aspect, my move was simple. Marina had all the answers. She knew exactly what to do for whatever our needs were. Every questions was answered, every need was fulfilled.

Liz and Ted, from Canada:

My husband and I count ourselves fortunate to have met Marina Benz and secured her professional services.  She successfully rented our home and has been managing our property as well.  Marina is highly professional and honest.  We are so pleased with the way in which Marina tracks what is happening with our property and quickly attends to whatever is needed to be done.  She maintains excellent communication with us and our renters.  There are no surprises.  Marina notifies us of any concerns and with our consent, acts quickly to resolve issues.  Everyone involved is happy...renters and owners! Marina has worked hard on our benefit and as result, we can go “north” for 6 months and relax knowing that our Mexican home and its residents are well cared for, and that we can rest easy knowing that she is diligent and trustworthy.  We plan to continue to work with Marina both for the rental of our home and the management of our property when we are absent.  There is no greater testimony than that.... with total confidence, we entrust our home to RENTAL LOCATERS with Marina at the helm.

Jody Perry from Vancouver, Canada:

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Marina Benz. Initially we were uncertain of renting a home site unseen , but Marina diligently checked multiple sources to offer us a home that fit right with our needs. Marina sent pictures and worked closely with the property owner and made us feel most comfortable in dealing with her. Consequently, we closed the deal, the home she found us is perfect, and the process was stress free. Throughout the entire process Marina was professional, conscientious, and motivated. I always felt as though I was her only client.

I appreciate Rob and Penny's suggestions... I had to remember what is important:

Thanks. Awesome reviews, Marina...I am delighted, though not at all surprised that many others who have sought your professional property services are experiencing many of the blessings we recognized benefiting from through our relationship with you. Congratulations! Remember too, try to set aside 'a little time alone for Marina and The Lord' - to give Him thanks for your success and to ask for His strength - so as not to become 'worn-out' physically.

Jim and Brenda in Ajijic:

"We have been living in Ajijic for three years. This is home. One of the reasons we love it here so much is because we get to know people like Marina Benz. Recently I returned to the states for a ten day visit to see family. My wife stayed behind to take care of our dogs. The day before I left, our phone and internet service went out. We thought it would be back on in due time. Not the case. My repeated attempts to contact my wife were unsuccessful. All I could think to do was to call Marina. She contacted my wife. My wife had developed a medical problem. Marina stepped in and provided for all her needs in my absence. She could not have been in better hands. She even saw to it that the dogs were cared for. We are forever grateful for all that Marina did to get us through a very trying ordeal. A business relationship is one thing, but Marina certainly goes way beyond. We know we can always count on her. That means so much! "

Robert and Judith from La Christina, Ajijic:

Marina has been an exceptional help to me and my husband.  We had been without phone service for over two weeks and had been totally unable to resolve the problem.  We mentioned the problem to Marina and she solved it for us in two days.  She is a complete professional in every way.  Marina also has the unique capability of understanding what the Americans in Ajijic are trying to express.  I think this comes from the fact that she lived in the US for many years and is truly bi-lingual.  She was able to aid a friend in finding a place to live that was within her budget and in the location she needed.  We have found Marina to be willing to work tirelessly to find a solution to any problem whether it is a phone that doesn't work or a tight budget on a casita.  We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Ned and Linda from Pittsboro in 2012, NC:

When our former property manager recently had to move back to the US on short notice due to a family emergency, Marina Benz form RENTAL LOCATERS picked up our account smoothly, efficiently, and energetically.  She has handled each rental client contact with professionalism, and has promptly addressed any issues that have arisen.  She has been very helpful to us with practical matters such as updating our inventory, photographing our property, and helping with marketing.  Also, she has helped us better understand Mexican contract law as it pertains to homeowners, employees, and rental contracts.  She has a very pleasant personality that radiates competence.  She’s a good listener and is flexible in her approach to things.  To date, our experience with Ms. Benz has been very positive.

Ned and Linda in 2015:

Marina Benz is a highly professional and effective manager of property. We have found her to be totally reliable and ever mindful of our interests over the 3 years that we have employed her as our house manager. Because she is bicultural as well as bilingual and has superb management skills, she takes the hassle out of living in Mexico and dealing with local authorities. She solves every problem in a timely manner. She has a robust network of service providers who respond promptly to her requests.

Catherine and Peter say:

Many thanks to Marina, she has solved a few problems we have had in our present locale. And the weather was to blame for most of it. Always following up to make sure all is well. There seems to be no end to what she can do for us. Her contacts have all worked out well. She doesn't say no to anything we've asked. A wonderful problem solver. And has found us a long term rental and negotiated a great lease for us. Thank You, Marina

Katherine says:

Marina has been my agent-of-choose for the many years I have been traveling to Mexico. I have always been impressed with her efficiency, diligence, and organization. She's totally on top of all issues that come up in managing her rentals, and always patient and professional. She helps provide a stressless and worry-free stay. She's awesome!

From Diana, long time landlord:

I would like to tell you, Marina, that you have done a fantastic job on showing my properties and finding good renters for them. It is a pleasure to work with you. I also believe that you are the only person in the area who has taken time to do the rental contract in English and Spanish, which I consider very important. Thank you for your help and I will continue to ask for your help with rentals.

Ann from Campbell River, Canada, says:

Marina Benz from RENTAL LOCATERS goes well beyond the "Call of Duty." This lady do everything in her power to find the "Peace Of Paradise" you are looking for. I know because she found what I required.

Comments from Kerry to a prospect client and property owner:

Hi, Marina asked me to give you a referral, and I am most happy to do so. She helped me find and rent my current house and I am very impressed with her honesty, integrity and professionalism. Many rental agents seem only to “work for the owner” but she balances the needs of both parties and finds a good solution for all. But besides that, she understands and speaks excellent English, understands the needs of “foreigners,” is smart and hard-working, a warm and kind person, and is the kind of person I would like to have as a friend.

From Kathy and Ian from Canada:

We are very pleased to recommend Marina Benz in any capacity involving property rental or management in the Lakeside area. Marina has served as property manager for our home in Ajijic since the beginning of May, during which time, she has proven herself to be exceptionally responsible, competent, and efficient. She responds and acts quickly in all circumstances, and her familiarity with the area and fluency in both Spanish and English are tremendous advantages. Marina always maintains her professionalism, while her pleasant manner endears her to all those with whom she deals. In a recent communication, the tenant in our house in Ajijic, described her as "... very dedicated to fairly serving both lessor and lessee". We feel fortunate to have Marina working on our behalf, and we are very grateful for the many ways in which she has assisted us. 

 Robert from Texas:

Being a native South Texan by birth, I had for years thought of moving to Mexico upon retirement primarily to enjoy 'a slower, less stressful lifestyle', for an opportunity to learn spanish (learning in business it's internationally spoken), and a hope to experience the many cultural, historical and archeological treasures of Mexico. In my business career I had known and worked with a few Mexican Nationals; I found them to be caring, humble, honest, entrepreneurial, family oriented, peaceful, spiritually minded people. My wife and I had visited Ajijic for a week in (Feb. 2012) to locate a property suitable for a 'trial 6 mo. period' for feasibility of a long term relocation here. Although we returned to Texas not having found a suitable property, we continued to peruse Internet sites for Lake Chapala area rental property, as evening time permitted for several months. I had earlier 'bookmarked' Rental Locaters in Ajijic as a favorite website. One evening in early April, I opened website, clicked on 'Long Term Rentals' and 'up popped' a 2-2-1 upper Ajijic property, nicely furnished and suitably equipped, with availability in May. I immediately contacted Rental Locaters, negotiated a 1 yr. lease on home unseen, made the normal deposits, with a "qualifying contingency clause" stating "that if subject home was not in fact substantially as presented in photos attached to description of subject home on Rental Locaters website:" I could withdraw lease offer and receive full refund of deposits tendered. Upon our arrival and inspection of the property, we were blessed to find home to be "substantially as was presented by Rental Locaters" and therefore my wife and I took possession June 1, 2012. At our Ajijic "homecoming" we met Marina Benz, designated property manager of home owners. Marina is a Native Mexican lady, specializing in professional rental property management in Lake Chapala area. Marina reviewed terms of lease and specifics of occupying home, acquiring services, contact names/numbers, homeowner assn. rules and was briefed on area eateries, shops, places of interest, etc., etc. etc. (in English) with us. Marina well represented owners professionally as property manager, but more importantly to my wife and me, she offered her hand in friendship "as a go-to person" for resolution of any concerns or challenges that may arise in our transition to life in Ajijic. A few weeks later, I was notified of my Mom's death...and siblings wishes for a funeral a few days later. While sitting dumbfounded, wondering...with a handicapped wife, a pet (dog), and services to be scheduled back in Texas, etc..."where do I start" - as fate would have it, Marina stopped by to check on us. I told her what had happened; she offered us condolences and said "Don't worry, give me your contact phone numbers; I will take care of the house; I know a lady who boards pets, if she can't do so, I will care for him in my home; I will secure the house and keep you posted... just get your reservations and go!" So we did! And we left, confident 'Angels do exist' and "trusting all would be OK! It was! And therefore I suggest you too, meet Marina. I'm confident you will...Be Blessed for doing so!






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