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The Lake Chapala area in Mexico is very much known for having one of the best climates in the world, its prime location, its accessibility to goods and services, and the extremely attractive cost of living. Not surprisingly, these and many others, are the main reasons why many of us choose to move here looking for slower pace and higher standards of living.


Still, moving to paradise, at times, may seemed frustrating when trying to find help, pay bills or just plain communicate; also, it can be overwhelming when what worked yesterday do not seem to work today.


Although Rental Locaters, from the beginning, was established primarily with the goal of finding the “right” rental for prospect tenants, has now grown and developed a program to offer a variety of other services to satisfy the current needs of new residents in this our Lake Chapala area.


Please note most of these services we offer free of charge to Renters of homes we Manage, however, for a fee, we also make them available to anyone renting or owning properties in the area. Similarly, we can perform these duties part or full time:


$30 USD/month          Payment of 3 services and/or utilities

$30 USD/event           Assistance with opening a bank account

$30 USD/event           Assistance setting up an electrical company account

$30 USD/event           Assistance setting up a phone line/internet service

$100 USD/event          Introduction to the area, what to do, where to go

$50 USD/event           Tour to teach you how to pay all utilities

$100 USD/event         Tour of three homes (if available)

$70 USD/month          Supervise quality in cleaning services


If you do not see a service listed, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you.


So, whether you live in the area permanently or are visiting, we offer our

Rental Locaters commitment to quality, responsible work.


Please be sure to check our references.



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